About Us

We are Jason Wright Electric and we deliver personalized electrical services.

Who We Are ?

The moment we started in 1995, we knew we were onto something special. With experienced electricians, we wanted to deliver more than electrical installations for our customers. We wanted to deliver fearless personal service. And with that commitment, we've gone on to create a company that takes pride in its roll-your-sleeves-up approach. We care about our customers beyond their electrical needs.

"With Jason Wright Electric, it's as if you took an Electrician and combined it with a Concierge and created a 'Concierge Electrician'."

As we continue to grow each year, we remain focused on what makes us different and more successful than the competition and that's working together to deliver service that's personal and tailored to you. It's what we do, but more importantly, it's what we believe in.

Meet The Team

From the people on the other end of a phone call to the electrician who arrives at your door, you will see and agree that our greatest asset is our people. The Jason Wright Electric team are all top-shelf people who embody our core value: to deliver fearless, personalized service. Check out our amazing team below!